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Help Stop Bullying



StopBullying.gov is a great resource on the issue of bullying.  October is National Bullying Awareness Month.  Please utilize this site to learn more about the definition, prevention, and roles students play.

8th Grade Interest Surveys


During the week of October 17th, 8th grade students at White Oak Middle School will be asked to complete a Career Clusters Interest Survey and an ONET Interest Profiler. These surveys are intended as guidance tools to generate discussion regarding careers. Students will be asked to identify activities that describe what they like to do and qualities that describe them.  We are preparing for an upcoming Career Fair.  More information to come.

Ways to Ask Your Kids ‘So How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘So How Was School Today?’


Most days when you ask your kids, “So how was school today?”, do you get one word answers like “okay” or “fine”?

Here are some helpful ways to get into a more in depth conversation to help you learn more about your child’s day.

  • What was the best thing that happened at school today?
  • What was your favorite part of lunch?
  • Who is the funniest person in your _____ class?  What makes him/her so funny?
  • If I called your ______teacher tonight, what would she tell me about you?
  • Tell me something that made you laugh today.
  • How did you help someone today?
  • When was a time that you got bored today?

The more we can get our children to talk to us, the easier it is to get them to talk to us about difficult topics. 

White Oak Middle School Open House


Friday, 8/19/16 at 5:30

Middle School will have an open house on August 19th from 5:30-6:30.  

There will be a 6th Grade Parent meeting at 5:30.

Come and meet your child’s teachers and sign up for blogs, so you can stay informed.

We look forward to seeing you all!

STAAR Testing


Our 2nd round of STAAR testing will begin the second week in May.

The test schedule will be as follows:

  • May 5: Algebra I (End of Course) EOC
  • May 9: 6th and 7th grade Mathematics & 8th Math Retest
  • May 10: 6th and 7th grade Reading & 8th Reading Retest
  • May 11: 8th Science
  • May 12: 8th grade Social Studies
  • 8th grade students who are not successful on the second administrations of the STAAR tests will have one last opportunity on June 21 and June 22 to retest and pass STAAR.  8th grade students who do not pass STAAR on the second administration will be required to enroll in summer school to prepare for the 3rd and final administration of STAAR. If a decision is made not to enroll and successfully complete this requirement, then they will be retained.
  • Again, test security measures will be in place on test days to limit student access to cell phones during testing.  It is suggested that students leave cell phones at home on the days of testing. If you choose to allow your child to bring a phone, students must submit their cell phones that are turned off to their test administrators on the day of testing. Cell phones will be returned to each student as soon as all testing has been completed for the day. Also, due to the security measures in place on test days, we will not allow any guests on campus. You may also go online at www.tea.state.tx.us Student Assessment Division for additional information.

Reach Higher


The Reach Higher initiative is the First Lady’s effort to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university.

In today’s economy, a high school diploma just isn’t enough. Students have to reach higher, which is why the First Lady is working to rally the country around the President’s “North Star” goal — that by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.

Expanding Opportunity

The Reach Higher initiative will help make sure all students understand what they need to complete their education, including:

  • Exposing students to college and career opportunities
  • Understanding financial aid eligibility that can make college affordability a reality
  • Encouraging academic planning and summer learning opportunities
  • Supporting high school counselors who can help more kids get into college

The Reach Higher website offers great tools that include:

  • College Scorecard
  • Net Price Calculator Center
  • College Navigator
  • Financial Aid Shopping Street
  • Studentaid.gov
  • and much more information!

Reach Higher

On Tuesday, 4/26/16, we are urging students and staff to wear college shirts to support the Reach Higher cause!

GT Nominations


Gifted and Talented nominations will be accepted from March 14 –April 1, 2016.

Forms are available in the office.

Testing will be completed before the end of the spring semester.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Van Camp, Middle School Counselor, at 903-291-2032 or [email protected]

Explore UT


Explore UT

Explore_UT 2016_2Fliers

The University of Texas at Tyler is offering “The Biggest Open House in Texas” on Saturday, March 5, 2016, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The university is inviting families to come for a day of adventure, learning and fun.

Check out the attached poster and website for more information.  This opportunity is free, and no registration is required.


February 8th and 15th


WOISD has scheduled a Faculty and Staff Professional Development day on Monday, February 8, 2016.   Students will be out of school on this day. Also, this is a reminder that the next Monday, February 15, 2016, is a school holiday. (Presidents’ Day, officially Washington’s Birthday,  is a federal holiday observed on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington, born on February 22. The holiday is popularly recognized as honoring also Abraham Lincoln, born on February 12, and sometimes all the U.S. Presidents.

8th Annual Parent Academy is Coming soon! October 29, 2015

Region 7 ESC is pleased to offer its 8th Annual Parent Academy, FREE to parents of Region 7 students! This year’s academy will feature three break-out sessions covering topics that will introduce parents to activities that will help parents learn how to better communicate with their child on general topics as well as address emotional and behavioral issues. Parents will also get a run-down on the social media tools students are using today.

For questions or additional information, please contact one of the following Parent Academy coordinators:

Donna Holt
Special Education Specialist

[email protected]
Sherri Wright
Counseling Specialist

[email protected]
Tracy Stewart
Head Start Program Compliance Coordinator

[email protected]
The Parent Academy is free and open to all parents, but due to seating availability, parents are required to register. A homemade lunch will be provided at no charge, but parents must submit their registration form by the October 21 registration deadline to ensure they receive a lunch. Paper copies of flyers and registration forms should be available in the front office of your child’s school. If your child is in Head Start or Early Head Start, the program’s family service worker should have copies. Registration forms may be submitted in one of three ways:

    1. Online: Complete the online registration form here, and you’re done!
    2. At Your Child’s School: Print the paper registration form or obtain one at your child’s school and return to your child’s Counselor, School Secretary or Head Start Family Service Worker. They will mail the form to Region 7 ESC for you.
    3. Mail: You may mail the form yourself if you would like. Just place in a stamped envelope and address to Donna Holt, Region 7 ESC Special Education, 1909 N. Longview St., Kilgore, Texas 75662.
8:30 to 9 am Check-In/Registration N/A
9 to 9:15 am Welcome & Introduction TBD
9:15 to 10:30 am Creating a Parent-Teacher Student Portfolio
Although there are many different types of portfolios, parents of students find that
Student-Introduction” Portfolios are an effective communication tool. The purpose
of this type of portfolio is to assist others in getting to know the student for who
he or she is. School personnel often only have access to very traditional special
education records, which do not always give a full and complete picture of the child.
Donna Holt
Sherri Wright
Tracy Stewart
10:30 to 11:45 am Bibliotherapy
Bibliotherapy is the process of using books to help children think about, understand
and work through social and emotional concerns. Reading with children can be
therapeutic, and adults can use reading to help children come to grips with issues
that create emotional turmoil for them. Reading can also be very effective in
preventing and resolving behavior problems.
Sherri Wright
11:45 am to 12:15 pm Lunch
Those who registered by October 21 will receive a homemade lunch. While eating,
participants will watch Conscious Discipline videos.
Donna Holt
12:15 to 1:30 pm Today’s Technology
When it comes to technology’s ever-changing platforms and ethical codes, parents
don’t always know how to prepare their child and keep them safe. Adults struggle
to keep up with the shifting rules of online etiquette and information sharing.  A
discussion of what is out there, how to understand today’s social networking, and
more will take place.
Andy Adams
1:30-1:45 pm Closing Remarks and Evaluations TBD
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